Monday, October 20, 2008

My Window Of Escape...

Life after quadruplets certainly leaves less room for leisure time, but breaks are a necessity, even if they are in 5 minute increments. Taking a breather allows me to momentarily escape the chaos and high volume of the day and think of something other than dirty sippy cups, floors, onesies, and bottoms! Sitting still, although it makes a wonderful picture, is not something we are accustom to in our home.

My fellow Americans, let us not be denied the right to escape reality for a few minutes of our busy day! Some may call this procrastination, wasting time, unproductivity, but I call it "positive reinforcement". After a morning of changing 8-10 diapers, serving 2 meals, breaking up 20 toy fights, kissing 3 boo-boos, taking a 2 mile stroller walk, and tucking in 4 precious boys for their nap, I am more than overdue for a BREAK! Taking a few minutes to veg with my laptop is my reward for surviving yet another morning! provides some great "positive reinforcement" with their wide selection of games. In fact, BlogHer and recently asked me to try my hand at solitaire, bingo, and slots for a paid review. I was joined by thousands of others who shared my need for a breather and could even interact with them via chat during the game session. I chose to just watch the conversation, but there were some serious competitors in the Bingo Room. Playing the slots made me wonder why people ever spend REAL money on those metal eating monsters. It kills me to watch my "play" money fade with each spin. The solitaire was familiar and relaxing. However, Bingo was my personal favorite. The graphics were clever and the game was quite enjoyable. The little old man who's the caller is more than adorable. I'll be paying him another visit soon.

I find that a game or two of solitaire, hearts, or the occasional bingo, helps me to recharge for the next round. I disappear briefly into a quiet retreat of mental escape. I just have to keep my "BINGO" call to a muffled shout, because nap time is a gift that I'm not willing to sacrifice!

But don't just take my word for it...check out the BlogHer for all the buzz about Click this link for all the great reviews:

Enjoy your Escape!

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melissaclee on October 27, 2008 at 9:00 PM said...

They are so cute! Blogging is my break from the kids!


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