Saturday, July 25, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again W2D5


crystal light pitcher Today I'm wrapping up my postings for the Crystal Light Water Way Challenge, but I believe "this is the start of a beautiful re-friendship".

Here's my re-cap on this journey, the sunshine and clouds:


Makes Mama Happy:

~On the Go Packets (convenient, easy to transport, quick to make)

                ~Variety of Flavors

                ~Value (especially by using 1/2 the packet)

                ~Overall Taste

                ~Health Benefits (hydration, skin, hair, etc.)



Makes Mama Not So Happy:

~The Red Food Dye (It stains; it leaves your teeth filmy; it isn't necessary for flavor) 

                     ~Some of the flavors are too sweet and bold for my liking

Overall, Crystal Light is something that has helped me get back to BFF status with Water, and I feel good making a healthy, delicious change! This is not the end, fellow water swiggers!  Keep on refilling those water bottles and encouraging one another! Let's keep Water our BF FOREVER

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again W2D4


Making Water more appealing is a great motivator for increasing my intake.  I think that's the great advantage to Crystal Light.  It switches up things a bit;  Adds flavor and a little tang to the same-old same-old without adding the calories.

Some other ways I like to kick my water up a notch:

~Adding Fresh Fruit: Lemons, Oranges, Lime

~Drinking it Slushy

~Mixing Crystal Light Flavors to Try Even More Combinations

~Changing My Water Bottle Design

The BlogHer Conference begins tomorrow.... I hope there are plenty of bathroom stalls to keep up with my water bingeing!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again W2D3


There's nothing better on a hot day than an iced beverage to quench your thirst.

Here's my favorite way to drink a Crystal Light beverage: SLUSHY!!!! 

If you mix your Crystal Light On the Go Packet into your water bottle and place it in the freezer for around 30 minutes, you get a 1/2 frozen treat!  I'm sure you could make some sort of similar frozen drink in your blender, but this is mess-free easiness! 

You really should try it sometime....Like NOW!

Has anyone tried the Crystal Light Popsicles?  I'm guessing they might taste just as delicious! 


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again W2D2


How does stress affect your overall daily health? 

Do you find your indulging in unhealthy snacks? 

Chocolate, perhaps?

Carbonated beverages?

Getting less sleep?

Not making time to work out? 

This week I've been frantically packing for our trip to BlogHer '09, and it's been a greater challenge to meet my goals.  I've drank less water (even though I'm super thirsty) and I haven't worked out yet this week.  Urgh! 


I better get to chuggin' if I want Water to be my BFF by the end of the week!  

Monday, July 20, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again W2D1


Week #2 of the Crystal Light Water Way Challenge has commenced! 

Let's recap last week's goals:

*Drink 6-8 glasses of Water/Crystal Light Beverage daily

*Work out 3x a week

*Drink no more than 2 carbonated/caffeinated beverages per week

With the ultimate goal, of making Water my BFF Again!

I'm happy to report that I came very close to attaining my goals for the week. I might have fallen short on my water intake one or two days, but I most definitely increased my overall water intake. When I craved a brown fizzy beverage, I substituted it for a Crystal Light fruity beverage, and it really has been a delicious change.

crystal light

I'm really craving water more, and it's become less of an effort to meet my 6 glass minimum.  For this week, I'm planning on continuing my Week 1 goals, but bumping my intake up to the 8 glasses a day, instead of the 6 minimum.

How are you doing on your individual health goals?  What tweaks are you making to your goals? 

I look forward to hearing about your progress!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again W1D5


Variety is the spice of life, when it comes to Crystal Light Flavors. A week has passed on my Crystal Light Water Way Challenge, and I haven't even come close to exhausting my options!  

This isn't your mama's Crystal Light Lemonade.  We're talking thirst quenching fun fruit flavors and teas.

So far these varieties have made it in my top 3:

Wild Strawberry         Pomegranate Lemonade             Fruit Punch

crystl light ws crystal light pl crystal light fp

I'm a BIG fan of the On The Go Packets, because...Well, it's summer and I'm ON THE GO with these four little rascals!

The Wild Strawberry has an energy boost (aka Caffeine) and a boost of flavor to go with...

The Pomegranate Lemonade (my all time favorite so far) is refreshing and nourishes the skin with vitamins, minerals, and lutein...

And Fruit Punch has a sweet classic flavor; introduced to me by Suz on our Chicago trip.  I've been addicted ever since! 

This weekend I'm planning on taking the ice teas for a sip. =)

What are YOUR Favorite Flavors?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again W1D4


(This is a Compensated Review from BlogHer and Crystal Light Water Way Challenge.)

Self-control. Will power. Discipline. Constraint.

Strength. Abstinence. Self-denial.


That's what it took when I was faced with this lovely aisle in the grocery store last night:


It was hard to leave you behind, Sweet Cherry. How I longed to have you weighing down my cart and awkwardly hoisting you up for the grocery check out clerk to scan, but it's meant to be.  You belong on the shelf. And I belong with H2O. I'm moving on...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again W1D3


Crsytallite_boxIf you follow our blog, 4tunate, you know that I'm all about getting more bang for your buck!  So how do I make Crystal Light On the Go packets stretch further?  I use 1/2 a packet per water bottle.

In my opinion, it's a more refreshing, lighter flavor for 1/2 the price.  I noticed today that this option is even suggested on the directions.  Guess I wasn't the first one to come up with the idea! 

So far, I'm achieving the goals I've set for this challenge.  Three days in and I'm making a conscious effort to drink more water, and I think I even tell a difference in my energy level from staying better hydrated. 

It's not too late to join us in making a deliciously healthy change this week!  There's strength in numbers!  Won't you join over 50 of us in at the Crystal Light Water Way Challenge Group over at BlogHer?


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again: W1D2


(This is a Compensated Review from BlogHer and Crystal Light Water Way Challenge.)

Water Bottles.

They come in an array of shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and lid variations. 

kirkland-bottled-waterWhen I'm drinking just plain ole water, I'm partial to a disposable ice cold water bottle.  Most often Kirkland's brand. 

But when I'm adding a flavor, such as Crystal Light  Pomegranate Lemonade, I prefer DSC_2729cmy stainless steal water bottle with tap water. I like it because it keeps my H2O cold for an extended time, and it's reusable. Plus, it's cute and screams "DRINK ME!" "DRINK ME!", which is just what I need in my quest to become BFFs with my favorite liquid again!

What happens to be your hydration weapon of choice?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again: W1D1


(This is a Compensated Review from BlogHer and Crystal Light Water Way Challenge.)

A challenge isn't a real challenge without goals.  Not sure about you, but I often make unrealistic goals for myself that lead to failure. For instance:

I will work out every day this week.

I will answer every email in my inbox today.

I will clean my oven, fridge, and cabinets during nap time. 

I will never drink a Cherry Coke again.

Yep, I'm a glutton for punishment. 

In an effort to make these next two weeks into a lasting healthy change, I want to make REALISTIC goals that motivate, rather than overwhelm. 

Here's what I've come up with so far: waterbottles

* I will drink 6-8 glasses of water or Crystal light beverage each day.

* I will only allow a carbonated beverage as a "treat", no more than 2x a week.

* I will work out 3x a week.

Seems attainable...Now on to divide and conquer!!!!! 

What are some of your own goals for healthier living?  How do you make sure you set attainable goals?  How do you hold yourself accountable on a daily basis? 

Leave me a comment here or join us for this discussion over at the BlogHer Crystal Light Water Way Challenge Group!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again


(This is a Compensated Review from BlogHer and Crystal Light Water Way Challenge.)sonic

Water and Jen go waaaaaay back.  Like all the way back to High School when I realized I was highly addicted to Mountain Dew and quit caffeine cold turkey.  We've got history.  While everyone around me sipped on their sodas and javas, I guzzled my H2O. Needless to say, giving up caffeine for the duration of the  pregnancy wasn't a huge sacrifice.  However, I developed a serious craving for a Cherry Coke, specifically a fountain Cherry Coke with little cublets of ice.  

Unfortunately, this craving continued well past delivery, and since I've fallen back into the "Carbonated Caffeinated Consumers of America Club". 

Hi.  My name is Jen. I'm a wasted calorie liquid drinker.

crystal light 

So when I heard that Crystal Light was challenging some bloggers to make a delicious change, I signed my name on the dotted line!  A challenge is just what I needed to get my BFF status back with my H2O. I'm sure my body will thank me for it in the next few weeks.  Besides, hydration is a must for keeping up with these 4 little two year olds this summer!

So check back here each day for the next two weeks as I take part in the Crystal Light Water Way Challenge.  I'd LOVE to have some of YOU join me over at BlogHer's Water Way Challenge  Group. We can share ideas and encourage one another in making this healthy change! Just follow this Link to the sponsor.

Also, you can take a Water Assessment and get your own widget by registering at the Water Way Challenge Site and see how you measure up!

For more information see the Crystal Light Official Site.

Goodbye, Cola.  Hello, Crystal.



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