Monday, July 13, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again: W1D1

(This is a Compensated Review from BlogHer and Crystal Light Water Way Challenge.)

A challenge isn't a real challenge without goals.  Not sure about you, but I often make unrealistic goals for myself that lead to failure. For instance:

I will work out every day this week.

I will answer every email in my inbox today.

I will clean my oven, fridge, and cabinets during nap time. 

I will never drink a Cherry Coke again.

Yep, I'm a glutton for punishment. 

In an effort to make these next two weeks into a lasting healthy change, I want to make REALISTIC goals that motivate, rather than overwhelm. 

Here's what I've come up with so far: waterbottles

* I will drink 6-8 glasses of water or Crystal light beverage each day.

* I will only allow a carbonated beverage as a "treat", no more than 2x a week.

* I will work out 3x a week.

Seems attainable...Now on to divide and conquer!!!!! 

What are some of your own goals for healthier living?  How do you make sure you set attainable goals?  How do you hold yourself accountable on a daily basis? 

Leave me a comment here or join us for this discussion over at the BlogHer Crystal Light Water Way Challenge Group!

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