Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making Water My BFF Again

(This is a Compensated Review from BlogHer and Crystal Light Water Way Challenge.)sonic

Water and Jen go waaaaaay back.  Like all the way back to High School when I realized I was highly addicted to Mountain Dew and quit caffeine cold turkey.  We've got history.  While everyone around me sipped on their sodas and javas, I guzzled my H2O. Needless to say, giving up caffeine for the duration of the  pregnancy wasn't a huge sacrifice.  However, I developed a serious craving for a Cherry Coke, specifically a fountain Cherry Coke with little cublets of ice.  

Unfortunately, this craving continued well past delivery, and since I've fallen back into the "Carbonated Caffeinated Consumers of America Club". 

Hi.  My name is Jen. I'm a wasted calorie liquid drinker.

crystal light 

So when I heard that Crystal Light was challenging some bloggers to make a delicious change, I signed my name on the dotted line!  A challenge is just what I needed to get my BFF status back with my H2O. I'm sure my body will thank me for it in the next few weeks.  Besides, hydration is a must for keeping up with these 4 little two year olds this summer!

So check back here each day for the next two weeks as I take part in the Crystal Light Water Way Challenge.  I'd LOVE to have some of YOU join me over at BlogHer's Water Way Challenge  Group. We can share ideas and encourage one another in making this healthy change! Just follow this Link to the sponsor.

Also, you can take a Water Assessment and get your own widget by registering at the Water Way Challenge Site and see how you measure up!

For more information see the Crystal Light Official Site.

Goodbye, Cola.  Hello, Crystal.



Day 1 Week 1          Day 1 Week 2

Day 2 Week 1          Day 2 Week 2

Day 3 Week 1          Day 3 Week 2

Day 4 Week 1          Day 4 Week 2

Day 5 Week 1          Day 5 Week 2


2 comments on "Making Water My BFF Again"

Megan on July 14, 2009 at 7:11 AM said...

Oh Jen, The bubbly goodness of fountain cherry coke! Make me drool and want to run out to a circle K for a Polar Pop. Not keeping coke in the house is good for us, but we are still willing to pay a premium to get a good fountain one every now and then.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crystal Light Energy! I was totally addicted to empty calorie fountain beverages until I found my wonderful Wild Strawberry Crystal Light!!! Enjoy.


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